Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Most people love to lead a leisure life. But not too many would spend their sweat on it. So some cheat on others. The announcement that there is an opening in an international organization has awaken me of my tranquility. After a week of deep thought I wrote down my application and sent it to the appointed mail address. After a week I didnt receive any response and felt a bit disturbed. So I decided to give up my hopes.
Yesterday, I received a positive response. The international organization had considered my application and requested me to follow a written interview. A form was attached and I had to fill in the form. I filled the form right away and sent it. It was no longer than two hours when they replied to my mail and congratulate me. I was so happy until I found another mail that notified me that they would consider my application and would let me know as soon as they can. I am astonished by the fact that there were two contradictory mails. So, I decided to discuss it my friend, who happened to receive a positive confirmation earlier.
She was startled by this fact. We soon realized that there was something wrong with all these offers for they asked as to send some money for the induction program.This is the point where we both realized that they are nothing but a bunch of cheaters. My friend hurriedly went to the bank to cancel her wired transfer. Lucky enough, she could get her money back.
As with me, thank you Lord for reminding me that there is no free lunch. I have to get back to my current post and shed my sweat and blood to earn my life.

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